The main components of an LCNG station

  • pumping equipment ensuring safe pumping from supply trailer to the stationary storage tank of the station
  • LNG storage tank, vertical or horizontal LNG tank with a volume of 20 to 120 m3, vacuum insulated – max. pressure of 11 or 18 bar
  • vaporizer (saturation) ensuring an increase in the pressure in the tank to the required values (to the saturated vapors pressure)
  • high pressure pump, usually a piston type, providing LNG supplies to the high-pressure evaporator
  • high-pressure evaporator ensuring changes from liquid to gaseous and heating of gas (CNG) to a temperature suitable for use in subsequent CNG technologies
  • odorization unit for gas odorization (LNG is not odorized)
  • CNG storage tank is divided into 2 or 3 sections and is equipped with a priority panel for the control of dispensing
  • filling equipment – CNG dispenser for filling vehicle tanks with compressed natural gas
  • control and monitoring system securing the traffic control and the station parameters control

Block diagram of typical L-CNG station


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