Anti-corrosion Protection

We have experience with cathodic anti-corrosion protection of equipment installed in soil (pipelines, tanks etc.). We strive to effectively protect pipelines using modern methods by minimize external degradation effects and thus provide the longest possible durability of the pipeline.

We deal both with applications of passive protection (implementation and repairs of insulation coatings) and implementation of active protection equipment. Active protection equipment includes cathodic protection stations, electric polarized drainages and saturations, and applications of galvanic anodes (GA).

We provide the following services in the field of cathodic anti-corrosion protection

  • installation of cathodic protection equipment, including remote data transfer
  • service, repairs and periodic checks of the cathodic protection equipment
  • defect detection of pipeline insulation coating using the Pearson method, including diagnostics of pipeline condition, followed by repairs of detected defects
  • electrospark tests of the protective insulation coating of the steel pipeline
  • delivery and installation of the connecting and linking objects of the cathodic protection
  • construction of cathodic protection stations on line storage equipment for reinforced-concrete constructions
  • deliveries and installations of electric polarized drainpipes for railway and tramway tractions
  • aluminothermic welding of cables onto steel pipelines
  • surveying underground line equipment for defects of the insulation coating by GPS up to ± 30cm

We provide all the aforementioned services, including measurements and design, as a plug-and-go solution, in cooperation with KPTECH, a subsidiary that also specializes in services for active protection, corrosion surveys, including measuring the intensity of stray currents, deliveries and installations of electric polarized drainpipes for railway and tramway tractions.


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