Modernization and Ecologization of Plants

Strict legislative requirements on power-producing facilities’ efficient use of resources and emission limits are the reason why we provide installation or reconstruction of large power-producing units, heat generation, electric power, and distribution of gas and substances.

We provide integrated solutions to our customers: from studies and project documentation, through implementation and commissioning, to operation of the facilities. We always consider the use of efficient and ecological technologies, such as low-emission combustion turbines (see cogeneration), or the use of bio-waste for electric power production (see BP).

Our integrated services include

  • consulting services (proposal of the solution, economics, study)
  • preparation of projects, engineering
  • delivery and installation of technology, equipment
  • delivery and implementation of the construction parts, including steel structures
  • commissioning the equipment, including documenting that the guaranteed parameters have been met
  • service checks and repairs of the equipment
  • revisions and tests of designated gas equipment

For example, Arcelor Mittal in Ostrava recently commissioned a modern and green Boiler K14. We delivered and commissioned the technology in the heating plant for the Investor within the installation of Boiler K14 (“BOP – Balance of Plant”). The subject matter was to deliver technology and pipeline systems for energy and substance supplies, including a compressed-air station, ash silo, natural gas regulation station, chimney flues, etc. The contract also included engineering, testing, commissioning, and the fulfilment of guaranteed parameters.


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