LNG – Liquefied Natural Gas

The technology of liquefied natural gas, LNG, or LCNG, is another promising development stage of natural gas utilized in transportation and industry.

Our objective in this area is to provide a plug-and-go service, i.e. from project preparation and engineering through the technology delivery, testing, commissioning to maintenance and service during its operating life. Of course, we also offer the supply of the LNG commodity itself. Within our group, we are able to offer LNG supplies as an alternative to standard sources or within the substitute natural gas supplies and it in cooperation with our subsidiaries AFP CZ and GC Polska.

Advantages of using LNG / bioLNG:

  • alternative – diversified gas source (alternative to gas connection)
  • flexible source (eg to cover peak consumption or a source for seasonal consumption)
  • significantly higher energy per unit volume than CNG
  • LNG filling stations are characterized by a simple construction, quiet operation
  • and, above all, comparable fuel filling times as with conventional liquids



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