LNG – Liquefied Natural Gas

The technology of liquefied natural gas, LNG, or LCNG, is another promising development stage of natural gas utilized in transportation and industry. Our objective in this area is to provide a plug-and-go service from delivery of the commodity to project preparation, engineering and installation of technology, testing, commissioning and maintenance and service during its operating life.

Within our group, we are able to provide LNG deliveries for further use, or within spare natural gas supply in cooperation with our subsidiary, GC Polska.

LNG advantages

  • higher compression ratio
  • diversified source
  • higher energy density

Mobile Spare Supply

Mobile Spare Supply is intended for failures, downtimes, and consumption peaks for a short-term supply of gas. The key parts of the technology are: a mobile container (trailer) + a mobile vaporizing unit.

Stationary LNG Source

A Stationary LNG Source is used for a long-term or permanent supply of gas in locations without a connection, during long downtimes, or during consumption peaks. The key parts are: a mobile container (trailer), a stationary container, a pump, and a mobile vaporizing unit.

LCNG Stations

LCNG Stations can be used at petrol stations. Unlike CNG, these do not require a gas connection or an electric power supply. They require a smaller input of equipment, i.e. costs of power and lower complexity which reduces the service costs.


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