Industrial and Commercial Air-conditioning

The implementation of industrial air-conditioning systems and air-conditioning in civil constructions is one of our newer activities but it is based on the many years of experience we have in providing air-conditioning to the mining industry. Our specialists are trained in the area of technical designs, implementation and service. We are also authorized to handle and manipulate refrigerants, including Freon.

Our services in industrial and commercial air-conditioning include the design and implementation during the construction (installation) of:

  • air-conditioning units and cooling for industrial applications of production technologies with a coolant
  • control rooms and server rooms with the option of air recuperation, including air-conditioning distribution
  • high-voltage and low-voltage electrical installations, control system and visualization of operating statuses
  • all types of technology of heat pumps and invertors for heating and cooling commercial areas, residential houses and family homes
  • photovoltaic and solar panels for family homes, including the distribution of storing electric power in batteries and accumulation tanks


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