Gas Pressure Regulation Stations

A gas pressure regulation station (GPRS) is a set of mechanical equipment that automatically regulates the input pressure of heating gases to the lower required output pressure based on predetermined values.


  • construction according to the customer’s requirements
  • complete construction deliveries, “plug-and-go” (design proposal, project, production and installation, pressure and function tests, revisions, building modifications, documentation required for acceptance of the work)
  • variable solutions at various pressure levels (HP – high pressure, MP – medium pressure, LP – low pressure)
  • wide range of output, from 25 to 500,000 Nm³/h
  • warranty and post-warranty service and repairs
  • meets the safety and reliability requirements stipulated by legal regulations and technical standards CSN EN 12279, CSN EN 12186, TPG 606 01, TDG 605 01, and TDG 609 01

Standardized Solutions

The HP – MP 200 – 1 500 high-pressure regulation station regulates gas pressure from high (Subgroup A3/B1) to medium (Subgroup A2).

We standardly deliver double-row regulation stations with fail-safe features should the main row fail. GPRS designed in this way fully meet capacity and safety requirements.

Basic Elements of GPRS Technology

  • gas filter
  • gas preheater
  • safety fittings
  • gas pressure regulator
  • gas meter
  • closure fittings
  • equipment for reading pressure and temperature

Technical Parameters

Flow Q 200 to 1,500 Nm³/h
Operating Medium Non-aggressive gases (natural gas, degasifying gas etc.)
Pressure Level HP/MP, or LP (Subgroup B1/A2)
Input Gauge Pressure 1,8 – 4 MPa
Output Gauge Pressure 1,5 – 400 kPa
Input Pipeline DN 25 – 80
Output Pipeline DN 65 – 100

Atypical Solutions

High-flow Regulation Stations and Delivery Stations

  • For high-flow regulation stations (i.e. 1,500 – 500,000 Nm³/h), we offer a flexible solution tailored to the needs of the customer, in compliance with technical standards and regulations.
  • Delivery gas stations (DS) are basically large-capacity regulation stations that regulate a very high pressure (Subgroup B2 – PN 63) to high pressure (Subgroup B1 – PN 40) according to the values typical for the specific distribution network. The delivery stations also include commercial gas metering where gas is transferred from the transport system to the distribution system. PS is also designed according to the actual needs of the customer.

Underground regulation stations

  • The MP – LP 500 – 1 500 underground regulation station can be used as a booster regulation station for municipal gas pipeline networks, as an independent RS for small locations, or as regulation equipment for large consumers (Subgroup A1/A2).
  • The MP – LP 200 underground regulation station is mainly designed as a booster station in gas networks for the regulation of pressure from medium to low (Subgroup A2).

Delivery includes

  • basic components as in GPRS 1 500
  • control and monitoring systems
  • boilers for gas preheating, standardly with gas boilers, also possible to deliver with a cogeneration unit, or gas micro-turbine


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