CNG / bioCNG

CNG (compressed natural gas) is an economical and ecological alternative to fuels for internal combustion engines, so it is currently the ideal fuel for regular road transport. In addition to transport, CNG can also be found in industry, as a stationary source of natural gas for energy purposes or as a form of replacement supply in the event of shutdown or accidents of gas networks.

BioCNG= compressed natural gas produced from biogas.

CNG / bioCNG Advantages

  • it is an ecological fuel that is environmentally friendly
  • it is nowadays considered the cleanest fuel available for combustion engines
  • is an economical fuel saving the family or business budget
  • flexible use – very accessible infrastructure (filling stations, pressure trucks, etc.)

CNG GC Filling Stations

CNG (compressed natural gas) filling stations are compact, efficient and highly reliable facilities designed for filling up passenger vehicles, utility vehicles and buses driven by natural gas and bio-methane.

Description of the Filling Technology

First, the natural gas is passed through a drying appliance where moisture is removed with a molecular screen and purified through filtration equipment. Then the gas is compressed to 25 to 29 MPa according to the type of compressor. Under this pressure gas is delivered to pressure vessels or directly into the filling equipment (dispenser). Through the filling hose with nozzle NGV1 or NGV2 the gas may be delivered to the pressure tank of a vehicle. The filling process automatically stops after reaching a pressure of 20 to 21 MPa. The filling hose is then disconnected from the vehicle’s tank and all is ready for the next filling.

We offer these types of CNG GC filling stations:


All CNG GC filling stations comply with regulation TPG 304 02. The operator of the filling station must be certified by an organization of the state professional supervision, Technical Inspection, for filling pressurized gas bottles (including pressure stations) according to Regulation of the Czech Labour Safety Institute and Czech Mining Institute No. 21/1979 Coll., as amended.


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