Installations of advanced and modern systems are inevitable and are effective both for the users and the company as a whole. We concentrate on energy projects focusing on the combined production of electricity and heat, i.e. cogeneration.

The projects mostly use the Capstone Micro Turbines and ORC Capstone turbines as a source of energy. Based on the provided input gas parameters, we are able to design an individual solution and offer a micro-turbine that will produce the required heat and electric power.

CAPSTONE Micro Turbines

Capstone Micro Turbines are used in all applications where cogeneration, i.e. simultaneous production of electric power and heat, can be utilized. Capstone Micro Turbine = application for the production of electricity including an island system = utilization of a wide range of resources = safe output.

Product Series

  • C30 (30 kW)
  • C65 (65 kW)
  • C65 ICHP (65 kW) with an integrated waste gas exchanger
  • C65 CARB (65 kW) meets stricter emission limits
  • C65 Hazardous Locations (65 kW) – can be used in an explosive environment
  • C200 (200 kW)
  • C200 Hazardous Locations (200 kW) – can be used in an explosive environment
  • C200 units in a block: C600 (600 kW), C800 (800 kW), C1000 (1 MW)

Available models using various fuels

  • natural gas
  • propane
  • biogas; landfill gaspit gas
  • pyrolysis gas
  • diesel
  • aviation fuel and kerosene


  • ultra-low emissions
  • a single moving part – minimum maintenance
  • patented air bearing
  • completely without coolant, oil or lubricant
  • 122 US patents; UL and CE certification
  • high reliability
  • compact dimensions, low weight
  • multi-fuel system
  • 5 & 9-year Factory Protection Plans (extended warranty when meeting the service terms)
  • remote administration and diagnostics

The units can also be used for tri-generation with a high efficiency – i.e. for the production of electricity, heat and cold.

CHP Product series


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