GASCONTROL is a traditional Czech manufacturer and supplier of technology and products for the gas and energy industry. We specialize in delivering technical solutions – atypical technologies tailored to the needs of the customer. We are experts in designing and building CNG filling stations and biogas stations. We have also mastered special technologies, for example, we are one of the few companies in the Czech Republic that perform closures of operated pipelines under full pressure without the need for downtime or operation restrictions. Moreover, we are not only an installation organization, but we also have our own development centre and our own products, such as odorizing units, or filters for gaseous substances, heat exchangers and so on.

GASCONTROL, a limited-liability company, was founded in 1992 by Mieczyslaw Molenda (†25.11.2020).

We are a part of the GASCONTROL GROUP, the most prominent organization in the Moravian-Silesian Region. The Group is composed of ten companies with the leading companies being GASCONTROL, společnost s r.o. and GASCONTROL POWER, s.r.o. The Group is involved in the production, delivery and service of technologies and components for power engineering and industry and in the production of plastic.

Company Profile

GASCONTROL, společnost s r.o.
Dělnická 883/46
735 64 Havířov-Prostřední Suchá
Czech Republic

Company Reg. No.: 465 78 021
Tax Reg. No.: CZ46578021

The Company is incorporated in the Commercial Registry managed by the Regional Court in Ostrava, Czech Republic, under Section C, file 3396.

Company management

Ing. Denisa Macurová
Managing Director
Ing. Stanislav Przeczek
Managing Director
Ing. Marcin Przywara
Managing Director
Bc. Jiří Folwarczný
GC Group Economist
Bc. Robert Timko, MBA
Sales and Marketing Director
Ing. Dagmar Rojíčková
Ing. Dagmar Ledererová
Executive Director