Our deliveries for the mining industry include the construction of

Cooling Systems

We offer complete implementation of a direct and indirect method of underground cooling, from project preparation to implementation in the following scope:

  • installation of the cooling media distributions, including pits
  • pumping stations
  • cold air production engine room, both surface and underground version
  • high-voltage and low-voltage electrical installations, including operation control and safety systems with rated capacity of 15 MW

For OKD, a.s., we have implemented the cooling of technological units, such as conveyor drives and of technological water for wall-mounted and under-face conveyors. We have been operating these continuously for many years, providing professional mechanical and electrical service.

Product Mains for Degasifying Systems

The implementation of product mains in mining stations for degasifying systems also includes design, installation of product mains, compressed air and fire water distribution, pumping wastewaters, with preference of using the grooved method of coupling pipes (Victaulic, Tyco), with the delivery of components and pipeline grooving  and elbow production, and adapters for steel pipes. The installation can also be done with plastic pipes.

The VICTAULIC systems has great advantages, such as high reliability, long durability, fast installation, and the combination of low weight and resistance to high pressure.

Degasifying Stations

From the design through construction, to operation or service: we provide these services also in the field of mining degasifying stations, cogeneration stations with combustion engines, and stations equipped with Capstone Micro Turbines, with the production of electric power and heat.

High-voltage and Low-voltage Control Rooms

We also offer design and implementation services in the construction of high-voltage and low-voltage control rooms in volatile environments, as well as cable distributions, control of technological processes, including visualization, diagnostics of operating statuses of rotating machines, and commercial metering on product mains.

In the field of mining technology, we also offer

  • industrial dust removal systems for separate mining works, transport systems for loose material, and treatment plants of mines
  • design and implementation work on technology of treatment plants, replacement of transport equipment, reconstruction of pipeline systems, pumping systems, production and installation of technological basins and tanks
  • implementation of mining-construction works related to boring holes and installations of anchoring systems under the ground, and related auxiliary works to ensure safe conditions of excavated areas

The design and implementation works are governed by the Regulation of the Czech Mining Institute No. 22/1989 Coll., On Safety and Protection of Health at Work and on Safety of Operation during Mining Activity and When Mining for Unrestricted Minerals Underground, as amended.


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