Biogas Plants

A biogas plant (BGP) is a facility for processing bio-waste by way of anaerobic fermentation which yields biogas.

BGP types

  • agricultural
  • waste

Benefits of a biogas station?

  • a stable source of income from the sale of electric power or heat as a solution to owner buildings, etc.
  • a viable solution waste disposal products (droppings, liquid manure etc.) or production waste by-products
  • quality fertilizer

What about the smell?

We use a high quality and tested material for the construction of BGP. The roofing system is from the best manufacturers in Europe, such as SATTLER A.G. The smell of a biogas station is minimized when the required technological procedures are observed. It is a closed process.

The biogas plant is designed and delivered according to the customer’s needs – on the basis of their budget, available quantity and type of material, and the installation area. We offer complete deliveries of agricultural BGP to our customers for crops grown for this particular purpose and stations for the disposal of biodegradable wastes.

To customers we offers the following

  • complete “plug-and-go” delivery
  • delivery of the individual building objects
  • delivery of the individual technological facilities
  • repairs and service of all parts of the biogas station


Wet fermentation – material in tanks with solid content of up to 12 %
Dry fermentation – material in tanks with solid content of 25 – 40 %


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