We provide constructions and reconstruction of high-pressure gas pipelines of all categories, and medium-pressure and low-pressure pipelines (Subgroup B2, B1, A3 and A2).

Our Company is also involved in the construction of industrial pipelines, product mains, heat systems, water mains and compression sewers. Our activities include building work related to construction.

We will prepare

  • budget
  • project documentation
  • gas pipelines and product mains
  • gas connections
  • pressure tests
  • revisions

High-pressure Pipeline Restoration

Restoration includes a thorough revision of the pipeline based on specific tests of the technical parameters of steel and the pipeline, namely:

  • separation of the pipeline from the system and provision of its passability by replacing any parts of the pipeline with inadmissible geometry; concurrently, executing a repair or replacement of non-functional valves and fittings, and replacement or removal of non-functional components
  • cleaning the pipeline and executing any potential internal inspection using a geometric and intelligent ‘cleaning pig’, repairs of defects found during the inspection
  • repair of defects in insulation in connection to the results of the corrosive survey using the Pearson method and results of the corrosive activity of the environment
  • division of the pipeline into individual working sections, filling the sections with water and executing two cycles of voltage reparation
  • repairs of supercritical defects that open during pressure reparation
  • performing a pressure test at the pressure level defined on the basis of the previous tests and conduct of the pipeline during pressure reparation (the new level of operating pressure may be the same, or even higher than the original pressure level, however, it may be lower exceptionally)
  • elimination of free standing water from the pipeline and drying the pipeline to the residual value of the temperature of condensation of water in air in the pipeline below −20 °C

We have to emphasize that in order to keep the requirements of the operation of the individual sections we use a special technology by T. D. Williamson, Inc., which our Company owns, to a large extent. An advantage of such an implemented repair of a high-pressure pipeline is the large financial savings when compared with standard reconstruction.


  • useless parts of the pipeline, such as drainage fittings
  • non-functional branches, including line closures
  • useless connections with other pipelines


  • sleeves and anti-corrosion protection equipment
  • insulation of the pipeline on the basis of readings taken
  • repairs of earthing and pipeline accessories
  • any potential defects of the pipeline after a pressure test


  • damaged parts of the pipeline
  • non-functional line closures
  • pipeline elbows to allow cleaning with a cleaning plunger

And more

  • pressure reparation
  • execution of pressure tests
  • drying pipelines
  • connecting a repaired pipeline back to the high-pressure systém
  • preparation and submission of documentation of the actual execution, and geodetic documentation


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