CNG filling station S100 series is compact and powerful device, designed for the refueling of  passenger cars and buses on natural gas or bio methane.

Description of filling technology

The inlet natural gas passes through the drying device equipped with a molecular sieve, where the moisture is removed, and the filtration device for final cleaning of the gas. In the compressor gas is compressed to a pressure of 27 to 29 MPa. Under this pressure is delivered into the bottle storage or directly into the dispensing device (dispenser). Into the pressure tank of the vehicle is delivered through the filling hose, and after reaching the desired pressure of 20-21 MPa in the vehicle tank, the device is automatically switched off. Filling hose is disconnected from the vehicle tank and everything is ready for the next filling.

The heart of each station is a oil free compressors – type DM. It must be suitable for natural gas or bio methane. It must also be adequately dimensioned for the final pressure, which may also be over 300 bara. GREENFIELD DM-compressors are designed for capacities from 80 to 220 Nm3 per hour.

Model CNG station – Structure

New shelter is made of aerated concrete structure with a steel frame and metal doors. It is divided into two rooms, a room for technology and a switchboard room. The rooms are mutually gas-tight. The roof is sandwich-type, with an opening for installation of ventilation hole and the building is placed on the previously executed base plate.


Suction Pressure up to 4 MPa
Delivered Quantity to 220 Nm3/h / to 440 Nm3/h
Electric Motor 30 - 37 kW
Operating Pressure 27 - 29 MPa
Storage 1680 l* / 3360 l*
Dimension 2,5 x 3,0 x 3,7 m / 2,5 x 5 x 3,7 m
Compressor Manufacturer GREENFIELD
* Possible to produce according to customer`s requirements (multiples of 80 l or 140 l)



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