Basic informations - Balance of Plant for the project installation of Boiler 14

Implementation Date: 2015

Client: TAMEH Czech s.r.o.

We participated in the greening of power production in ArcelorMittal Ostrava, which will contribute to further improvement of the air quality in the Ostrava Region. The greening of the boiler plant meant building a modern fluid boiler, K14, which replaced four previous boilers K3, K5, K6 and K7.  The implementation also included a compressed-air station with Atlas Copco air compressors, an ash silo with the capacity of 500 m3 incl. accessories, a gas regulation station (Q 12 700 m³n/h) with high-pressure gas inlet into GPRS DN250, 435 metres long, and outlet from GPRS DN 300, 195 metres long, ammonia water pipeline, distributions, fire-protection water, duct system, phosphate supply, cooling water supply, demineralized water supply and so on.