Date: July 2019

For the company Homola we continue with the works on the construction “Removal of mining damages on the high-pressure gas pipeline Stonava-Dětmarovice”, the subject of which is the high-pressure gas pipeline DN 300 PN 40 Stonava – Dětmarovice. The gas pipeline is owned by GasNet, s.r.o. The investor of the whole construction is OKD a.s.

This is an emergency repair, as the pipeline was damaged due to mining activity. The pipeline route is determined by the location of the existing gas pipeline, where a new pipeline will be installed instead of the existing pipeline, which will be dismantled and disposed of. The pipeline will be laid on new steel supports, including a new laying.

The gas pipeline will be provided with a three-layer coating system over its entire length. The entire section from the beginning to the end of the route in a length of approx. 5 832 m (both  stage I and II) will be performed in this way. Part of the implementation is a branch line of the high-pressure gas pipeline DN150 PN40, which is subsequently reduced to the dimension DN100.The gas pipeline is equipped with shut-off ball valves and ends in the control station RS No. 32102. Sludge dryer in the total length of approx. 280m.