Basic informations - DN 1000 Gas pipeline, Zdzieszowice-Wroclaw, Poland

Implementation Date: December 2018

Client: Gascontrol Polska Sp. z o.o.

Recently, the biggest project of our group was the construction of DN 1000 PN 63 high-pressure gas pipeline in Poland near the Opole City. For the gas distributor we built a total of 33 km of pipelines together with our subsidiaries GASCONTROL Polska and Moravský Plynostav. Work was carried out very efficiently thanks to welding machines. This are able to weld a stretch of up to 1.5 kilometers during the week, with eight welding machines operating on each side of the route. Welds meet high quality requirements, which are verified by ultrasonic testing. It was a challenging project with a great emphasis on managing, coordinating work with emphasis on quality.