Odorization is a process of adding acrid substances (odorants – mercaptans) to heating oils in order to signal the leak of such gases. These products are our most successful ones.



UMARS-MINI (universal metering and regulation station)

DAMEOD-MINI (remote odorant reading)


Odorizing units are an important safety element in the field of gas distribution. The OSGC-03 A, B, C, D, I odorizing equipment provides precise and reliable metering of the odorant into the heating oil in the distribution equipment.

This equipment works on an injection basis. The impulses from the gas meter, or convertor, activate the pump via the equipment electronics. The membrane metering pump driven by a magnet is controlled by the UMARS control electronics. UMARS can also provide remote communication with a superior system, or PC..

The system is aerated through a filter with activated carbon. All components used in the OSGC odorizing stations are approved for Zone 2 with ATEX certificate by the Physical-Technical Testing Institute in Radvanice.