LPE/STEEL Transition Joints

Transition joints are used for connecting steel pipes with polyethylene pipes (100 SDR 11 and SDR 17.6) of the appropriate dimension. The transition joint is welded to the pipe. When requested, it is also possible to make transition joints from PE 80. These are used for low-pressure and medium-pressure distribution of heating gases up to the operating pressure of 400kPa.

  • LPE/STEEL transition joints for the distribution of heating gases are subjected to a pressure test with gauge pressure of 800kPa. The transition joint can only be installed for the connection with PE 100, or PE 80 pipeline.
  • Any manipulation with the transition joint and its installation must comply with TPG 702 01 – i.e. ambient temperature, temperature of the installation area, pipes and assembly elements must not drop below 0°C.
  • The steel part of the transition joint is treated with anti-corrosive coating by the manufacturer. This coating is for storage and must not be disturbed. After installation of the transition joint to the pipe, it is required to insulate the steel part of the transition joint according to the corrosive properties of the environment. Insulation may only be performed by qualified persons.

When transition joints are stored for a longer period of time, it is required to prevent their exposure to direct sunlight (UV radiation) and they must be stored in a dry and clean environment at regular temperatures. Transition joints may be stored for two years.

Technical Parameters

GC I Transition Joint – Rolled-in

63 mm

GC II Transition Joint – Pressed

90 mm110 mm160 mm225 mm


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