ORC Technology

Capstone Clean Cycle 125 kW

Capstone Clean Cycle is a generator that uses waste heat to produce electricity. The generator uses the Organic Rankin Cycle (ORC). It captures the residual heat from a whole range of sources. It can transfer excessive heat to clean green power, while increasing the overall efficiency of the system. It contains advanced power electronics and a sophisticated integrated power module, a turbine, and a single shaft generator.

The system works without oil, and with low demands on maintenance. Thanks to the magnetic bearing and ecological coolant, it has no impact on the ozone layer. It achieves a highly efficient transformation of residual heat energy to electric power, and it is environmentally friendly.

In cooperation with our subsidiary, GGC Energy, we provide plug-and-go systems for our clients from project preparation through delivery and installation of the technology, to service and maintenance of the delivered equipment. Based on the entered input gas requirements, we are able to propose an individual solution.

The compact, modular system includes

  • semiconductor power electronics designed for a change of the high-frequency generator output into power without the need to use expensive condensers, i.e. “utility friendly”
  • magnetic bearings: no lubricant and low maintenance demands, resulting in minimum downtime
  • integrated power module: high-speed turbine with a highly efficient alternator, closed in a single small appliance with a single moving part
  • environmental responsibility: safe for ozone, harmless coolant

Hot gases (gas temperature and mass flow required for output power of 125 kWel.)

204 °C260 °C316 °C 371 °C 427 °C
68 182 kg/h34 091 kg/h22 500 kg/h16 773 kg/h13 295 kg/h

Hot pressure water

Input TemperatureOutput TemperatureInput EnergyMass Flow
143,3 °C126,7 °C980 kW54 343 kg/h

Saturated steam

124 °C220,6 kPa1 678 kg/h

Characteristics and Advantages

  • verified ORC technology with zero emissions
  • flexible temperature input from 121 °C
  • easy synchronization with a local network
  • readiness for integration and efficiency of the design with minimum developed area
  • high reliability of the equipment with minimum maintenance and additional expenses
  • only one moving part and no transmission, all in the integrated power module, preventing expensive maintenance
  • magnetic bearings that do not require any oil or lubricant
  • using the PLC control system for easier integration with the current system for monitoring and control
  • remote monitoring and diagnostics via web interface
  • option of local and remote control
  • ability to capture heat from various systems, including engines, boilers, solar heating systems, industrial sources, and micro-turbines


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