CNG GC 85-150

Description of filling technology
The inlet natural gas passes through drying device with a molecular sieve, where is freed of moisture, and filtration device for the final purification of the gas. In the compressor device the gas is compressed to the pressure of 25-29 MPa. Under this pressure is delivered into storage cylinders and then into the dispensing device (dispenser). Filling of the vehicle pressure tank ensures the dispenser with hose and filling nozzle NGV1, eventually NGV2. After reaching the desired pressure of 20-21 MPa, the entire filling process is automatically terminated, filling hose is disconnected from the vehicle tank and everything is ready for the next filling.

Model CNG station – Structure
The high-tech container is designed as a self-contained steel structure with heat and noise insulation. The standard colour is selected by the customer. The container is divided into a mechanical-technological part and a part for the electrical switchboard, which is gas-proof and separated. The mechanical-technological part includes two entrances to maximize accessibility. There is another entrance leading to the switchboard. The container is installed on prepared foundation strips and it can be structurally prepared with increased fire resistance to 45 minutes, or for installation in seismologically unfavourable areas. The container includes all the technology of the CNG filling station.

For maximum safety, the area with the technology is monitored with a gas leak detector with acoustic signalization. The entire technology corresponds with the strictest requirements for a safe and ecological operation.

The control panel with a touch display is installed on the switchboard and it allows monitoring of all the important parameters, including the status and failure history. The filling station is commonly connected to a service centre for immediate diagnostics of the technology.


Type GC 85 / GC 150
Suction Gauge Pressure 0,3 – 0,9 bar
Delivered Quantity 84 Nm3/hod - 144 Nm3/hod
Electromotor 30 kW / 36 kW
Operating Pressure 25 až 29 MPa
Storage 2 800 l*
Dimensions 2,5 x 6,2 x 2,9 m
Manufacturer of the Compressor J. A. Becker & Söhne
* May be modified according to the customer’s needs (multiples of 140L).


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