Corporate Filling Stations

CNG GC 20-55

The GC 20 – 55 filling station series is suitable for premises of medium-sized and large companies with a number of utility and passenger vehicles from approx. 10 to 30.

Description of the Filling Technology
First, the natural gas is passed through a drying appliance where moisture is removed with a molecular screen and purified through filtration equipment. Then the gas is compressed to 25  MPa in the compressor equimpent. Under this pressure gas is delivered to pressure vessels, next into the filling equipment (dispenser). Using a filling hose equipped with an NGV1 end piece the gas may be delivered to the pressure tank of a vehicle. The filling process automatically stops after reaching a pressure of 20 to 21 MPa. The filling hose is then disconnected from the vehicle’s tank and all is ready for the next filling.

The most important part of the CNG filling station is the compressor. Choice of its performance and type is essential for its reliability, the amount of operating costs and long-term operability. The compressor must be suitable for natural gas or biomethane. The compressors JAB by German manufacturer J.A. BECKER & Söhne fully meet all these requirements which has long been proven.

Model CNG station – Structure
The high-tech container is built as a self-contained structure with a steel frame reinforced by porous concrete. The container has a single space which contains the distribution mechanism. The container is equipped with a roof in the filling area and a control-touch panel for filling vehicle.

To fill vehicles, a filling hose equipped with an NGV1 end piece leads straight from the container of the filling station. For maximum safety, the area with the technology is monitored by a gas leak detector and the entire technology meets all the requirements for a safe and ecological operation. The filling station may be connected to a service centre for the option of immediate diagnostics of the technology.


Type GC 20 / GC 35 / GC 55
Suction Pressure 0,02 – 0,3 bar
Delivered Quantity 17 Nm3/hod / 35 Nm3/hod / 55 Nm3/hod
Electromotor 6,8 kW / 15 kW / 24 kW
Operating Pressure 25 až 29 MPa
Storage 840 / 1 680 l*
Dimensions 2,5 x 4,0 x 2,7 m
Manufacturer of the Compressor J. A. Becker & Söhne
* May be modified according to the customer’s needs (multiples of 140L).



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