BGP with “Dry Fermentation“

A dry-fermentation BGP is a gas-proof and waterproof digestion chamber where the operating volume of the chamber is upto 1000 m3 of material.

The chamber is emptied and filled by a wheel loader. The input material is injected by mixing fresh bio-waste (approx. 60 % of the load) with already fermented biomass (approx. 40 % of the load), and then by spraying process water on the fermented mass in the closed chamber.

Standard Equipment of BGP

  • fermentation tanks
  • storage tank for process water
  • gas collector
  • gas treatment and purification
  • cogeneration unit
  • wheel loader

Other BGP Equipment

  • sanitation
  • fermented product dryer
  • fertilizer storage

The organic material decomposes without access to air which creates methane, with CO2 as the by-product.

The cogeneration unit provides the production of electric power and heat. Electric power can be distributed into the network with a small amount of power and heat required for the operation of the unit. The remaining part may be used for other needs (heating, drying etc.).

If the cogeneration unit needs to be shut down, the biogas can be eliminated in the burner of the spare heat source (boiler) or by the flare boiler.


  • discontinuous – intermittent operation, the entire dose is fed to the fermenter at once


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