Date: October 2019

We realize projects “D4 Highway – Bratislava, Jarovce – Ivanka sever” ( Object name: 707 Relocation of the DN 500 high pressure pipeline in the  21,100 km of D4 highway) and “R7 Highway Bratislava Ketelec – Bratislava Prievoz” (Object name: 701-00 Relocation of the DN 500 high pressure pipeline in the  0.200 – 4.480 km of R7 highway; Stretch 2,000 – 4,480 km) for the investor SPP – distribúcia a.s.

The existing high pressure (HP) DN 500 PN 40 gas pipeline is in conflict with the proposed construction of the D4/R7 highway – Bratislava. Due to the large area of the object D4/R7, the safe operation of the HP pipeline and the D4/R7 highway, a new relocation of the  DN 500 PN 40 HP pipeline is proposed. Construction of the new HP pipeline route is complicated in many crossings of existing networks, energy bridges, local roads, watercourse, the controlled trenchless laying of the DN 500 pipeline in the length of 120 m, as well as the D4/R7 highway itself. The relocation of the HP gas pipeline is solved in three separate objects with the realization of new branch route closures. Connection of each object onto the existing pipeline will be solved separately by using the non-shutdown technology including bypass for natural gas supply during the work. The total length of the new relocation of the DN 500 PN 40 HP pipeline is 2.440 m, the length of the DN 800 pipe protector is 360 m.