Relaying of product lines and pipeline networks – The Horansky Corridor

Date: March 2019

Perform the relocation of more than two dozens of aboveground and underground units is not easy. We are currently relocating the DN 300 pipeline for ČEPRO, the DN 1200 pipeline for Povodí Ohře and the DN 150 pipeline for UNIPETROL RPA. The lengths of individual pipeline routes are around 4500m. The general contractor of the whole construction is Metrostav.

The construction requires not only the design of various technical solutions related to the terrain difficulty, but also the schedule of switching the individual engineering network. Disconnection and relocation of networks must not collide with, for example, the heating season or the planned operations of participating companies, such as shutdowns of oil products processors.

For welding of DN 1200 pipe GASCONTROL will use Lincoln welding machines.