Press Release: GASCONTROL PLAST achieved a record volume of production last year

Date: January 2018

GASCONTROL PLAST member of the GASCONTROL Group has produced nearly 3,000 tons of plastic pipe and plastic plates last year. It is the most in its 18-year history. The length of the pipeline is roughly the distance from Havířov to Paris (1250 km). It was used in the reconstruction and building of gas networks in the Czech Republic.

„Gas companies invest in the networks buildings and we are their long-term partner. Thanks to this we are able to increase production and market position. On the Czech market we already occupy majority share,“ said the director of the company GASCONTROL PLAST, Mr. Marek Marhevský. Compared to 2016, last year the company increased its production by 200 tons, which brought annual sales increase of 14 %.