Press Release: GASCONTROL has built a filling station for CNG buses in the Orlová city

Date: May 2018

Another city of the Moravian-Silesian Region has an ecological transport. GASCONTROL has completed and commissioned a compressed natural gas filling station (CNG) in Orlová for urban and suburban public transport operators and its new CNG buses. The station serves at least 40 buses a day.

New CNG station with a total output of 1140 Nm3/h with natural gas storage tanks is located in the premises of the recently modernized bus terminal in Orlová. The newly built bus bay is equipped with two fuel dispensers so that two buses can be fueled at the same time. Filling hoses with nozzles are compatible with all bus connections.

The investor and the owner of the filling station is CIDEM Hranice, a.s. To its holding belongs  also ČSAD Havířov a.s., ČSAD Karviná a.s. and ČSAD Frýdek-Místek a.s.